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Defining the Skill Gap: How to Differentiate Yourself in a Competitive Job Market

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What are employers looking for in an entry-level job candidate, and how can you make yourself stand out? We asked a panel of industry-experts how finance and accounting students can differentiate themselves from their peers, and they identified three main ways that students can stand out:

  • Strong Social Skills and an Interest in Data Analytics
  • Having the Right Mindset
  • Using Effective Communication

Let’s briefly review the skills, interests, mindsets, and communication techniques you can use to land your first job. If you want to learn about this information in more detail, view our Defining the Skill Gap on-demand webinar hosted by industry-experts Alicja Foksinska, Danielle Brannock, Ellen Glazerman and Bryan Hancock.

Skills and Interests That Will Stand Out in a Job Interview

The skills needed to thrive in finance and accounting professions are shifting. McKinsey Global Institute published a report that details how work and skills are going to change over the next 15 years. This report notes that there is an increase in demand for data science skills and higher-cognitive level social skills.

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