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Prospering Through Purpose: Careers in Personal Financial Planning

Written by: LinkedIn
Published on: Aug 25, 2023

financial planners

I recently met with a group of bright, ambitious students who were participating in the Charles Schwab internship program. Looking at faces from all over the country on a single screen, I was impressed by their ambition and passion. But I was also struck by how much the world of work they are entering has changed in just a few short years.

Careers that offer high pay, work-life balance, the opportunity to help others, remote work, and growth potential were once considered unicorns. But those unicorn roles are so in demand that they have changed the competitive landscape for employers. And they are abundant in financial planning.

Personal financial planners enjoy what many people seek in a modern career: purpose and prosperity. Collaborating with clients to help them achieve their dreams is a profound purpose. And the path to prosperity is well documented.

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