Podcast: The Future of Certified Financial Planners with Kamila Elliott

Written by: David Muhlbaum, Sandra Block
Published on: Apr 8, 2022

female financial planner
Photo credit: Prostock-studio/Adobe Stock

David Muhlbaum: At Kiplinger, we talk to a lot of Certified Financial Planners. They give us guidance on the best practices they’re using for their clients, and other insights into personal finance. But today, we’re going to talk to the woman who is, in a way, in charge of all of them, and how she’s working to make CFPs a more diverse group. Also, ways to file your taxes for free, all on this episode of Your Money’s Worth. Stick around.

David Muhlbaum: Welcome to Your Money’s Worth. I’m kiplinger.com senior editor David Muhlbaum, joined by my cohost, senior editor Sandy Block. How are you doing, Sandy?

Sandy Block: I’m doing great. I’m feeling flush. I just opened a letter from someone who says they’re willing to buy our house as is. And I’m not going to say how much they’re offering, but it was well more than I thought our house was worth, especially given all of the dog hair that is within.

David Muhlbaum: Good for you. But it was an actual someone, like an individual, or an investment fund. Can you tell?

Sandy Block: No, I can’t tell. Actually, it read like a letter from a guy, like a guy named Tom or something. But who knows? Maybe Tom is representing an investment firm. It’s hard to tell who the source is.

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