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The Most-Asked 100+ Finance Interview Questions With Answers [Bookmark Them!]

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Given the competitive nature of the financial sector, you will want to be prepared for your interview, whether you are fresh out of college or have some years of experience. Shivangi Vatsal lists 100 questions that an interviewer might ask in India, which serves as an excellent guide for the U.S. as well.

Practicing these types of finance interview questions and answers will help you improve your critical thinking skills and your ability to respond to pressure. Job interviews can be stressful, but being prepared for this experience can go a long way to making you feel more confident and better.

Also, there are certain basic behaviors and skills that are essential to the success of most financial positions. Regardless of the type of interview questions for a financial job, do take a closer look at what these are and what you can expect.

What exactly is Finance?

Finance deals with all aspects of money management including:

  • Investment banking - It involves advising companies on mergers & acquisitions, debt financing, equity offerings, etc.
  • Asset Wealth Management - This includes investment funds like a mutual fund or hedge fund which invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, derivatives, currencies, etc.
  • Banking – The term ‘Banking’ refers to a wide range of activities that banks perform such as lending, borrowing, investing, trading, asset securitization, credit analysis, etc.
  • Insurance – Insurers protect against risks associated with life events like death, disability, unemployment, illness, accidents, natural disasters, etc.
  • Accounting – Accountants prepare accounts for businesses so they can make informed decisions about their finances. They also help them manage cash flow, taxes, investments, etc. There are three main categories of accountancy; namely, auditing, tax preparation, and bookkeeping.

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