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About American Tax & Financial Planners

American Tax & Financial Planners is a small, fast-growing firm that hopes to soon overtake the financial industry by changing the way that advisors do business! We are fiduciaries and only focus on what is best for our clients, while avoiding conflicts of interest by not selling products or earning fees that do not align with what is best for them! We have a contract with a Veteran's Affairs program administrator to provide financial planning and counseling services to recipients of Military Life Insurance, and therefore have the special mission of helping those who have lost a loved one to manage their finances and find relief in as many aspects of their lives as possible. We assist with a very broad range of financial needs that expands beyond traditional financial advising and investments, as we assist with income and outflow / budget issues, taxes, estate proceedings and planning issues, life planning, major purchases, insurance, benefits, etc. There is nothing financial-related that we are not willing to assist with, and we therefore become regularly involved in many of our clients' lives.

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