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Asset Preservation Strategies, Inc.


Asset Preservation Strategies, Inc. was founded in 2000.  Its principals have experience dating to 1981, bringing decades of financial experience to our community.  Our collective expertise extends to three market niches: retirement income planning for affluent clients; financial planning for women and millennials; and APS Private Client Services for business owners and high net worth entrepreneurs.

Our firm is distinguished in five ways:

  1. Every client is a client of the firm:  Unlike other firms where each advisor has their own clients, in our organization, every client is a client of the firm.
  2. Every client is served by an advisory team:  An advisory team consists of a Lead Advisor and the Operations team.
  3. We are devoted to processes:  Although each client situation is unique, our processes are standardized. to ensure that no step in the process is overlooked.
  4. Access to state of the art investment and insurance platforms: Our Registered Investment Adviser and Broker Dealer provide access to a highly sophisticated array of public and private investment opportunities including private equity, hedge funds, customized structured notes, 3rd party investment managers, and alternative investments.  Our insurance marketing organization provides access to sophisticated insurance products including case design, marketing, and processing.
  5. We are fiduciaries: Our firm is a fiduciary in all client engagements.  We have always, and will always meet that duty by keeping the interests of the client first. We believe in the principle that when we take care of the client, the revenue will take care of itself.

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