Advisor Advocate

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jul 17, 2020
Aug 16, 2020
Employment Type
Full Time

The Advisor Advocate position is an internal sales/support role bridging our advisors with our Boutique Manager Platform and internal Regal service and support team. The Advisor Advocate will provide wholesale distribution support to our 140+ Affiliates and to assist them in broadening our investment management services.

The Advisor Advocate will build relationships to foster loyalty, consistency and low turnover within our Registered Investment Advisory firm and Broker/Dealer communities.

Primary focuses of Advisor Advocate:

  • Broadening the distribution of money management strategies to the affiliated advisors
  • Assisting and creating holistic financial plans for Affiliates.
  • Promoting Regal's practice management programs and ancillary services to help Affiliates build their businesses.
  • A concierge service between home office and the national field force.


  • To provide meaningful annual asset growth from the acquisition of new managed assets (mapping and Customized Analysis Reporting)
  • Concierge to Affiliates through servicing and retention strategies of current AUM/AUA
  • To provide a consultative approach to the sales and business development process(es) including case design, preparation, and practice management ideas
  • To be the ultimate team player
  • To exemplify Regal's core values while demonstrating the highest personal standards of conduct
  • To make effective sales marketing and personal contact with advisors the highest priority - relationship orientated focused
  • To disseminate a clear professional message and image to Affiliates
  • To possess an in depth understanding of Regal services and boutique money managers, along with industry custodians
  • To provide effective liaison between Regal's Affiliates and the internal support teams

Education and Experience Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree in Business, or a related field, is a requirement as well as
  • At least 3 years' experience in the Financial Securities Industry.
  • Candidate must have a strong understanding of the financial industry. A Series 6, 7, 65 or 66 and/or Insurance license is required.
  • The CFP designation is preferred for this role.

Advisor Advocate Activity Requirements

  • Targeted contacts/communications with Affiliates (weekly/monthly minimums)
  • Creating new and innovative touch points with Affiliates
  • Marketing initiatives, webinars and other relationship building and revenue generating activities